Your simplest solution to fix errors in Google Chrome

Your simplest solution to fix errors in Google Chrome

Most of the Google Chrome users tend to browse a ton of websites in their most favorite browser. And thanks to the best in class caching mechanism, the browser delivers webpages very quickly. But in spite of all this, it is also the most vulnerable browser next to Internet Explorer due to its large user base. Google promoted the Chrome extensions and it became much popular. In addition to it, many attackers also emerged.

Spams like fake download links rose tremendously and the browser was easily affected. Even some of the readers using Google Chrome might have homepage and default search engine changed to something other than Google without their knowledge.

So what can be done to fix such problems or errors in Google Chrome? Yes, you can remove unnecessary extensions in the browser and reset your default search engine in the settings. But the possibilities are that it would be again changed automatically on the next system restart.

The Solution:

Google itself provides a simple solution to such problems. The Chrome Cleanup Tool from Google helps you reset your settings to the default. It also searches and removes malware like Vitruvian, BrowseFox and V-Bates and returns you the original browser – clean and tidy.

This application will scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome, such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can’t get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience.

To use the Chrome Cleanup Tool, download it from the link here. Once it’s downloaded, run the small program and let it do the rest for you.

Clean Up Popup

It will ask you a confirmation if any programs or extensions are being removed. Hit “Continue” and a pop-up appears in your browser to reset it. Go ahead if the application finds some suspicious programs installed. Once this is done, your browser is back to normal. The clean up tool cleans itself from your disk, saving tiny bit of space too.

The tool is available for systems running any version of Windows. Versions for Linux and Mac are expected soon.

Tip: If you find something suspicious happening while your browser is running, then head to the Task Manager(Shift+Esc) in Chrome Tools to see the processes running in the background.

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