Instagram and WhatsApp updates!

Instagram and WhatsApp updates!

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world right now and even small updates warrants more attention. Recently, the company has released the much awaited video calling feature in few devices which signed up for beta versions.

According to me, the best Video calling app in playstore is Google Duo hands down and best app for Audio calling is Facebook messenger. We should wait and see how Whatsapp video call fairs with all these apps. Whatsapp audio call was below par and frankly people use it only accidentally. The app must be downloaded in both the phones to successfully place a call.

The video call update is supposed to work good in mobile data and adding to that, the one billion users and since it is end to end encrypted, it might gain some attention among the users.Video calling was the only void in the app as it has updated every possible innovation inside. Having said that, it raises the question on whether the app has lost the simplicity which made it famous in the first place.

You can download the  app here 🙂

Soon you can start shopping on Instagram!

Facebook inc’s Instagram is going to roll out shopping feature on Instagram which will allow the retailers to showcase five of their products through images.

With the “shop now” option introduced users need not exit the app to purchase something they like and it will supposedly enhance the shopping experience.

Facebook is testing this is enhancement with 20 US based retailers and the downside is, the engagement is being tested in iOS first from next week. So, Android users must have to wait.

With all these new additions on the apps, social apps are getting more complex and losing the simplicity which made them popular in the first place and might over time decrease the number of users, but change is inevitable when the users are wanting of something new everyday.

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