What is going on at Facebook?!

What is going on at Facebook?!
It is hardly believable that the youngest billionaire in the world does not have a cabin for himself.He showed off his desk to the world a couple of days back and the things he expressed and his idea of working is unbelievable. Read through!
Mark Zuckerberg


Unlike the other CEO’s Zuckerberg believes in transparency.Everyone is able to share their ideas and insights with everyone.He brings us to his desk where he  has a lot of books.He shows two stacks of books.One which he reading for his “YEAR OF BOOKS” and another book written by a fellow employee.
Also at his desk he has this blue stuffed Dino which shows up in the website for Privacy Shortcuts.He has a updated Facebook logo carved on a wooden plank.and finally he  has a small model of a satellite they are working on. The Conference hall is transparent too. He says the glass walls make everyone know what he is up to.People who are running the company often gather there for meetings, he says.


Mark Zuckerberg broke the ice on the Dislike button and he opened up about it at the Town-hall Q&A.It is getting a lot of hype because it is giving the users a way for being mean and not to mention, Cyber bullying.Image if a post from someone gets a number of dislikes, it is not a good feeling.So, No! It is not a DISLIKE button.It is an option Facebook is giving to the users to empathize someone’s pain.To be precise,It is inappropriate to like a post which informs a demise.So, this button will help share empathy.
The “Dislike” emoticon