Redefining wearable cameras – Ubiquiti’s revolutionary product FrontRow

Redefining wearable cameras – Ubiquiti’s revolutionary product FrontRow

Ubiquiti’s revolutionary product- wearable camera FrontRow will redefine the way people share media in social networks. The product is aimed at enabling social media users to upload media real time similar to the Snapchat’s wearable glasses and is dubbed by Business Insider as ” fashionable GoPro”.

Ubiquiti’s revolutionary product

The product announced on Tuesday aims at placing a camera right around your neck so that it can stream whatever you are doing without depending on your smartphone. Furthermore, the device looks fashionable and looks good and comfortable for daily use. Considering the disadvantages of Snapchat wearable, the makers of FrontRow designed the device in such a way that it does not disrupt daily routine of the users.

Story feature with a twist

The device can snap photos and upload live streams to Youtube and Facebook. Of course, the device would be incomplete without a story feature. However, the story feature on this device is a bit more sophisticated as it can capture photos for every 3 to 10 seconds for a 16 hour period and post them as a story or you can post a time-lapse video.


The device is round with 1.96-inch display and has 2 GB RAM. Coming to the important part, it has an 8 MP main camera backed up with a 5 MP front-camera. Also, It can capture images at 30 fps and can stream videos at 1080 pixel resolution. Furthermore, the water proof and oyster like device runs a customized android called Front row. It supports only Facebook, Twitter and YouTube right now.

FrontRow wearable camera

Cost factor

The major downside to the product is its $400 price tag. The products consumer director says

“definitely for people who are sharing socially multiple times per day”

The product is supposedly aimed at consumers who share their life through pictures multiple times a day. For example, Youtube vloggers and people who broadcast stuff on social media for a living will get a great deal out of this product.

A costly idea

Apparently, the product was the brainchild of the company’s boss Robert Pera. He wanted a robust device which could capture the perspective a basketball player. The company which mainly focuses on mesh Wi-Fi systems have taken a bold move to enter the wearable market. Although the audience for the product is very small, the product’s intuitive feature may well drive few more tech enthusiasts to try it out. You can learn more about the product here and check out our take on other wearable products here.

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