How To Use YouTube Go To Save And Share Videos Offline

How To Use YouTube Go To Save And Share Videos Offline

Google announced a new brand new app for YouTube to watch your favorite videos offline, YouTube Go. The actual YouTube app for android does have offline support but the app is heavy as well as there is no data saver options other than reducing the video clarity. Today, I will walk you thought on how to use YouTube Go to save and share your offline videos.

Currently, only those who have applied for early access in play store can install YouTube Go. Others need to wait for some more time to get it.

But you can always get the APK installer package from ApkMirror or any other websites that host APK files and install it.

Note: We suggest to go with ApkMirror if its not available in play store since there are many other sites that inject malware along with the apk.

How To Use YouTube Go

Getting Started

Starting To Use YouTube Go App


I assume, by now, you would have installed the app from any of the methods mentioned above. The app is really light-weight, as it is only 8.5MB in size. The UI of the app also is very simple and intuitive to get things done.

When you open the app, you will be asked to choose a language of your choice for the app. After setting up the language, you will be presented with intro slides that tell you the features of the app. To start using the app, you need to enter the phone number and select your Google account which should be linked to it.

YouTube Go App Phone Verification

The phone number should be verified. The app will initiate an OTP to your number, which should be then entered to start using the app. The phone number and your contacts is used to identify your friends that are around to share your videos [at least that is what the app claims].

Using The App

Once everything is set up, you will be greeted with two tabs on top, HOME being the default view. The second tab is your saved videos which you view even in offline mode.

The home tab is same as in the original YouTube app. It will show you video suggestions from the previously viewed videos or the channel subscriptions in your Google account.

And as always, you can search for videos by clicking on the search icon in the top menu bar.

YouTube Go App

You can click the three dots(options) that appear near any video to get the options on that particular video. Click on Save from the options to get the save dialog popup.

The save dialog popup will allow you to select the quality of your saved video. You can also see the memory it would occupy in the storage unit as well as the available memory in the device.

Once you choose the quality and hit save, the video will start downloading. After the download is completed, the video will appear in the Saved tab in the app home.

The saved videos will then have the option to send the video to your friends. In order to share/send the video, data connection is not required. The app also displays the status of transfer of the video file(s).

Note: Certain videos, which are blocked by the content creator itself, cannot be saved offline. This is same as the original YouTube app, which also prevents it.

However you can use other online services like KeepVid to download any video, in any possible resolution available. Even TubeMate, which is around for a while on android, helps to download any YouTube video directly to the phone.

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Wrapping Up

YouTube Go is definitely a handy app where the user’s phone is not so powerful. It is also helpful in its aspect of sharing videos as both the parties doesn’t need to download the video. But if YouTube Go were to allow downloading all the videos without any limitations, then the need for TubeMate or online downloaders will completely seize to exist. That being said, YouTube Go is still worth a try.

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