Unfolding Wearables – Part I

Unfolding Wearables – Part I

Everyone loves Music. Don’t we? But what makes Music more exciting and lovable to hear?

Yes! You guessed it right. They are “Headphones”. Obviously everyone loves to plug-in their headphone jacks into the devices and listen to the thumping beats and the crystal clear vocal.
So how do you think the headphone revolution started, read through the history of headphones down.

The first ever headphone was developed by Nathaniel Baldwin(1910) from the ear piece to listen to electrical audio signals. It was used by United States Navy.

The next known headphone, the circa was those that were manufactured by Brandes(1919) which used moving iron drivers. The headphones were very sensitive making the sound quality crude. Chester Brandes Company continued to produce different headphones on varied designs with different ohm levels.


Germany firm, Beyerdynamic invented the first dynamic headphones, DT-48(DT – Dynamic Telephone). The headphone remained in production till 2012.

John C. Koss, an audiophile and jazz musician from Milwaukee, produced the first stereo headphones, Koss SP-3 in 1958. Being a Jazz lover, Koss created a revolution in the way people listened to music.


Though Koss dominated the Headphone industry with popular products like the Koss Beatlesphones soon companies like Philips, Onkyo and Sennheiser came to the party with more exciting stuff. The most sold one was Sennheiser‘s HD 414, the world’s first open headphones. 100,000 sets were sold by the end of 1969.
Then Sony came into the picture of headphones and introduced the Walkman on 1st July 1979 that helped portability for $200. It also had two sockets for shared listening in its MDR-3L2 headphones.


Even then the headphones were not able to outburst the flight noise. This is where, Dr.Amar Bose came into picture and invented noise cancelling and made travel too comfortable. The first headset was designed for pilots, Bose Quiet Comfort(QC1) in 2000.
Apple introduced the iPod in 2001 with a pair of standard, not so good headphones. Apple shipped 600 million sets of the first Generation of ear buds.

Then entered Monster Beats headphones by Andre Romelle Young, who is popularly known as Dr Dre were an instant success even though they were expensive. They produced bass-heavy hip hop beats with much ease.


The headphone industry was then into fashion and soon many brands like Skull Candy, Urbanears, WeSc, Audio-Technica, JVC,etc joined the headphone party. The current headphones industry is flooded with lots of headphones that are wire free and have excellent noise cancellation techniques without compromising the quality of sound. We can also expect the headphones in the market which can read our brain waves and play music based on our mood in near future.

Audio Technica - Pro700 - Jet Hematite 002

Everybody have a good time with Music on your headphones!