Top 5 Group Messaging Apps

Top 5 Group Messaging Apps

Gone are the days when trying to get through to a person would involve either emailing them, faxing them, sending them postcards or even using costly international dialing to get through to those aboard.

Within this technologically advanced, ever dynamic world, established mobile applications which function via the internet help with keeping the world fully connected at a minimal cost.

If you are new to the world of applications and communication technologies, then the below-mentioned content consisting of Top 5 Group Messaging Applications can be of much help with updating yourself a little.


The unbeatable champion, ever since its advent, now owned by the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg; WhatsApp, is the most commonly utilized form of group messaging. Offering features such as optimal end-to-end encryption to the users for maximized security, as well as free of cost calls to users.

The ability to be able to send pictures, videos, PDF documents, voice messages as well as emoji’s instantaneously within group chats provides users of both Apple as well as Android smartphone systems a vast number of advantages.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Another application under Mark Zuckerberg, very popular with group chats is Facebook Messenger. It is primarily considered as being extremely popular with group chats mainly because it already has a list of your ‘added friends’ from Facebook synced into the contacts list; therefore, always in the loop.

Facebook Messenger offers its group chats users the ability to make group calls, send URL links, attachments in the form of videos, images as well as set the custom color for the chats including sending a vast variety of emoji. Last but not the least, utilization of the group chat feature of Facebook Messenger is free.


Even with BlackBerry as a smartphone business not doing too well, the Blackberry Messenger application, on the other hand, is among BlackBerry’s most reliable products within the market. Aside from offering group chats, one-to-one chats are also available along with video calls.

Another great feature allows users to be able to make the sent messages disappear following a preset number of seconds, as well as retract words, share files, emoji’s and even be able to plan events fully.

The entirely private chat on the other hand offered by BBM leaves behind absolutely no trace of any sent messages or the conversation ensuring optimal privacy.


groupme messaging app

From among the oldest group messaging applications, GroupMe is owned by Microsoft as well as Skype. It allows each group member to be able to not only share videos as well as images but also GIFs, links, ping multiple members at once and even share tweets.

Location sharing is also offered alongside the ability to create customized emoji’s, the ability to completely mute specific group conversations just adds to the convenience being provided to each user.


Going beyond self-created group chats, Tango is a favorite among many due to its capacity to create completely public chat rooms featuring unlimited users.

Mini-games can also be played in cases where one might feel bored, or creative selfies can be taken featuring a variety of new filters or stickers to help kill free time.

Free of cost, the above most common forms of communication can efficiently be utilized to help create personalized group chats featuring your friends from all around the world.

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