Things to Look at While Developing a Great Android Application

Things to Look at While Developing a Great Android Application
You might be one among the thousands of Android developers out there. But what makes you different from the crowd? Nothing? It’s too hard to survive as a developer without even being able to differentiate your apps.

We ‘ll take a look at some of the design tips that can make your app stand out!

1. Get along with Google

Google is now pushing for its Material Design implementations for all the apps. Also the companies are moving towards it, with WhatsApp Design overhaul being the latest one. So, its important that your app should look pretty enough and fluid in usage.

2. Sizes (Icons and Display)

As far as its Android, due to a large variety of devices running it, sizing of apps play a major role. App itself should have a scalable UI and should adapt to any sizes of display. The Action bar also should not be stretched to the entire screen for devices such as tablets,
Check out this tutorial on Scalable UI.

A Material Design Inspiration from dribbble

3. Navigation

There are 3 major types of navigation styles that are most commonly used. They are Tabs, Spinner & Navigation drawer.
Tabs are those through which one can move between views. The Spinner menu is the dropdown from the Action Bar that displays a list of items, each of which can take the user to a different screen. Navigation Drawers are the ones that appear on sliding from left or right.
4. Naming Conventions (for better organizing)
Use better naming rules in case you work as a team. This makes development faster and easier as its saves a lot of time between searches for different files or assets.

4. Transitions

Use better transitions when moving from one activity or view to another as it would make the user stick to using the app. Material Design Animations are supposed to be lot more smoother.

5. Styles

Use relevant styles for elements such as buttons, textarea, etc. such that it matches with the color of your application. Make use of libraries such as AppCompat and Material-dialogs in Github.

Read about the Material Design in Google’s Own compact Guide. For doubts and clarifications, feel free to ping us below.