Things to Keep in Mind while Designing the Perfect Logo

Things to Keep in Mind while Designing the Perfect Logo

A perfect logo is one which changes the whole attire of how a company/firm is viewed by the public. It represents the work done and the quality of the same. It makes huge impressions in clients and enhances the business. Designing the perfect logo for your business is important as delivering great service to your customers.

A Logo denotes branding and promotes professionalism in products. It instantly connects people with the products manufactured or engineered. Here are few of the aspects that would change the way in which a logo is created and looked upon.

Designing the Perfect Logo

Designing the Perfect Logo

Sketching before creating

The process of Sketching actually improves your view of the idea that you have in mind and helps in improvising the elements even before the logo is created. This enhanced the looks and quality of the final outcome directly.

While you sketch out the logo, there are chances that more of lines are used which in some cases would actually bring in more ideas that will add value to the logo itself.


A Logo should not show the resemblances of some other one. It is not just designed, but created. Check out the designs of lot of others, get some inspirations from them and start afresh. Make sure that at any point of time, you yourself love the way in which the logo is crafted.


The design should always embrace simplicity. A complex logo makes itself hard for people to remember it and so decreases the actual popularity.
It should look excellent even on printed media and also in digital media. The black and white version of the logo also should bring the same experience as the coloured one.


The use of fonts in logo design has changed big time over the recent times. The text has evolved so much that make itself being used in multiple ways such as for shapes, transparent backgrounds, overlays, etc.

This video by Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno explains the necessary things that need to be looked upon on creating a logo.

Negative Spaces

Moreover, one can also make effective use of the negative spaces to imply something else. But this technique would keep you thinking for a really long time as it requires a lot of creativity.


Always the logos should not be created using bitmap editing tools as those would not scale to any sizes as requires. Always go for vectors such as .ai, .eps,.pdf that enables scaling of objects without pixelation.

To conclude, it is the innovation factor in a logo that makes all the changes. The more creative and simple the logo is, more the likes of people it gain.