The Chrome Bug Just Turned Into A Game

The Chrome Bug Just Turned Into A Game

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in desktop as well as mobile. Now, imagine that it has a nasty bug that could erase your browsing data? You heard it right. A developer just reported a bug in Chrome that would close the tabs on loading an URL.

The URL containing disorganized escape sequences , according to the report, would crash all the tabs that are currently active. This would lead to serious loss of data in cases where the tabs contains a banking transaction in progress.

The Browser just crashes when it tries to load the URL similar to The bug is reported and the issue is filed.


Mean while, another web developer just made use of the bug to create a game and posted in his Github repo. It is an interesting thought where in a maze with dogs and trees appear. The user is supposed to move the mouse over the dogs. If it misses out ans touches the tree, then Chrome tries to pre-fetches the URL ans even before it tries, the tab crashes and asks to reload.

He calls it the 3030 game as the crash is caused by the 30 in the URL. Try checking it out in the repo link above. But make sure that you save all the necessary data.[disclaimer]