Why Should You Start Using Incognito Mode

Why Should You Start Using Incognito Mode

With privacy concerns raising over the Internet, it has been a necessity to be careful when sharing data with others. Companies are even using cookies to monitor the customer’s usage over the Internet. But there is a work around. The Incognito/Private Browsing mode that is incorporated with most web browsers (desktop and mobile) provides a sandboxed environment that hides the browsing data from websites.

It becomes harder for companies to access data through cookies as they are cleared every time the browser switches out of the incognito mode. To open incognito or private browsing mode, click on the menu and select new incognito window or new private window. Hit Ctrl+Shift+n in Google Chrome or Ctrl+Shift+p in Firefox to open instantly.

Here are the few scenarios where this mode turns out to be highly useful.

1. Signing into multiple accounts of a single website

Users can log in to a website in normal browsing mode and use another account on the same website in incognito mode. It enables to use both accounts simultaneously.
Tip: Use private browsing while checking emails or social networking websites to avoid the risk of your account being compromised.

2. Making clean searches

Search engines such as Google and Bing uses the browsing history, previous searches and other properties to provide recommendations and rank search results accordingly. Using private browsing mode for searching gives you a more generic result as seen by other users from different locations.

Incognito Google Chrome

3. Using computers at public places

In places like browsing centers, libraries or offices, where the system is not only used by you, private browsing mode helps to safeguard the data from being logged. Your activity is destroyed once the browser is closed and so it prevents tracking(unless network monitoring is implemented).

4. To avoid distractions

When you are doing creating stuff, a separate window might be of good help as it provides much fewer distractions without many tabs. As a blogger, I use private windows to write all my blog posts.

Start using incognito mode now and you will not regret the decision. If you find any other types of usage, comment it below.

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