Should you Python it? Why? [Answered]

Should you Python it? Why? [Answered]
Python is a high-level programming language similar to C++ or Java. It is designed to reduce the number of lines of code with no effect to its functionality. It is around for the past 24 years, over which a strong community of Python developers has contributed numerous features to the language.

Python should have been the first programming language taught to the engineering grads in the country because the language itself makes you think like a programmer. It saves a lot of time to get going with your syntax of programming. It is even used by NASA, which shows that the language is so powerful.

It is an interpreted language, i.e., the programs are converted into machine codes line-by-line during run time. this makes it easier to run the same program on different machines.

Still not impressive?

A Hello World program in Java looks as follows.

And take a look at the same code in Python.

Confused, where the language is used?

Python can do almost everything. It is a great server-side scripting language which can act as an alternative to ASP.NET, Ruby or PHP.

With Python, you can even build mobile apps for various platforms. It can manage HTTP, FTP etc on servers, develop desktop applications, game development, create viruses, scanners and lot more.
It is also used in the field of hacking where in tools like SQLmap plays major roles.

So where is python headed?

Recently, it is being used in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, big data etc.
The libraries for the language keeps expanding and so the language. Scikit-learn and PyBrain are some of the popular tools for this purpose.

The Nerdy part

Here is the structure of the language execution process.

Installing Python

Python currently has two stable versions, 2.7 and 3.4. Download any of those from and install it as usual packages.

Once installed, you are ready to go. Get your DOS prompt running and start coding. Its high time you do.