Should I use the Blogger app for Android

Should I use the Blogger app for Android
Blogger from Google is definitely a superb service in terms of its up time, flexibility and its free nature. It has a huge number of user base. For a novice Blogger, he might be facing a problem of choosing the best platform that suits him. Blogger would definitely be an option for him. Another platform that is as much popular is WordPress but it would require separate server resources to keep it running.

Blogger for Web is a fine tuned service with numerous options to customize your blog. This isn’t the case when it comes to mobile. The android client has a lot of drawbacks.

1. Attachments
The inclusion of images into a post is not very linear. The pictures cannot be added at the required location in your post body. It is considered as an attachment to the blog post and so the images are added to the bottom of the post. Thus, if there are multiple images to be included, they are stalked up at the end of the post.
2. Formatting
A post done via the app cannot be very attractive as it does not offer many formatting features. Basic stuff such as making the text bold or italics and adding links is possible. To set other formatting options, post can be written in HTML which is hard for people of this era.

3. Split View or Switching
Blogger must provide an option to view the post in HTML format or in the preview format. This could make editing easier as it is simple as elements such as bullets and images are displayed in plain HTML. Thus, it is possible to insert an uploaded image in-between but not to upload a new image.

Options such as to set the publishing date can also come in handy for users on the move.
The app already has a lot of critics in Google Play Store with just an average rating of 3.5. As an user, we really are expecting a big update for the app with a lot of bugs corrected and also with feature inclusions.

Google always does a good job with all its applications, but why is Blogger being an exception? That’s really a question to be answered.