Scope Of Digital Assistants In India

Scope Of Digital Assistants In India

India is one of the largest markets of smart phones all over the world. According to a report about 28% of searches from all over the world are done from India. Now with the change of technology, Indian homes are getting a new technology oriented devices which includes digital assistants. Virtual voice assistants are agents of software which carries out tasks for a person. A virtual agent is a voice driven software which means it works according to your voice command.

We all know artificial intelligence (AI) is the present and future of the world. Indian market has never have been behind the global market of technology. It has always gone parallel to it. These voice assistants are the other form of artificial intelligence devices.

Functional areas of a virtual voice assistant

Assistant for your home

New voice assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google voice assistant helps in dealing with the daily work of your home. These devices are connected to all other electronic devices and instruct them to do the work on your place. They instantly carry out the functions of the devices. For example if you command a virtual assistant to hear a song of your choice it will let it play. Now phones are also synchronized with the voice assistants now even if you lose your phone you need not search it manually your assistant will help you to find it. Amazon’s Alexa has over 2500 amazing skills from a wide range of companies like Ola, Zomato, art of living etc. See amazing offers on CouponsCurry and buy alexa on discounted price at Paytm mall.

Voice assistants in hospitality

The voice assistants are taking the hospitality market by storm. From carrying out customer feedback work to analyzing the trends for employee productivity, the voice assistants are providing a favorable experience to hospitality segment.

Few of the functions which are carried out by voice assistants are
• Helps in managing hotels reservations and bookings.
• Works as a personal assistant in the room to the customer
• Carry out Itinerary, see local events, sigh seeing ideas.
• Enable help in housekeeping, room service and other requests

Provide financial work solutions

These smart voice assistants also provide a huge help when it comes to handling your banking and finance. They make your work easier and allow tackling the financial matters at ease. The functions performed by virtual voice assistants are:
• Make payments, transfer money as directed
• Give details to you for your savings required for a month.
• Pay your bills on time if directed.
• Provide you the information of best investment plans by comparing others.
• Make a saving plan for retirement.

The virtual voice assistants undoubtedly are the future but when it comes to its role it has certain limitations attached to its use. Let us see.

Voice assistants often get confused

India is a multilingual country. So, understanding of different dialects and languages becomes difficult to these voice assistants. Many a time a voice assistant is confused the way people command it. One need to talk patiently and then command it otherwise it can act up other way round.

privacy voice assistant

Are they invasion to your privacy?

There have been instances in west when the voice assistants have created a havoc to people’s personal life. Clearly a technological device that has so many powers and functions can land up in creating a chaos in your personal matter. There can also be the leakage of personal details like bank account details, phone numbers if it is used carelessly. No one has forgotten the “Wanna cry” ransom ware it has certainly alarmed many developed countries about the loopholes present in the cyber security.

So, the bottom line is that technology comes with a price. Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world and India has always opened itself to new technological advancements. These artificial intelligence boats have to work harder to hit Indian market be it any reason. Be it cyber security issues, huge population or a multi lingual population.

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