Safety of android ecosystem? There is more to it

Safety of android ecosystem? There is more to it

Everything that enters the world is safe if one pays attention to its do’s and don’ts. So, let me give me you a piece of information that will help to improve your security. To be more precise, my piece of information is for android users. After all, Safety of android is always a question. Yes, lets see how to install android apps with safety in mind.

Life is made simpler by smart phones. I know that sounds too generic. To be more specific, apps made our life easier and making too. Currently there are more than two million apps to support us in our daily life. But all that glitters are not gold, even in the case of applications. Whenever your finger moves to click the “install” option, make sure that your brain consider your security. How to stay safe while downloading and installing apps?

Safety of android and app installation

Installing Apps and the Safety of Android

Stick to Google Play

First thing you need to do is to make sure that all apps you download are from Google’s official play store.
The question that immediately rises when you read the above sentence is why “GOOGLE”? Even though Google doesn’t manually perform the scanning operations for your apps, it scans all the apps that enter into the playstore for security. So whenever you feel that you are unsafe with the apps, you can instantly remove it. Anytime! Even from your desktop!

Avoid Sideloading

avoid sideloading of apps for android security

The next question that comes to your mind “Why not Sideloading?”. Of course you can go with them but I prefer/request you to proceed with the playstore. Because Google is like lannisters, rich and wealthy enough to protect their wall and “LANNISTERS ALWAYS PAYS HIS DEBTS”.

Make sure that you don’t download apps outside playstore even when they offer it for free. You may find popup on certain sites that tempts you to download the prime apps(I mention the fake primes) by their big bold term “FREE”.

Even after knowing the risks, you are brave enough to download apps from unknown sites? Please make sure that you wear the armor(turning on the “VERIFY APPS” option in Google App settings. This will enable your device to protect it from the harm caused by the malware).

Monitor permissions

The next thing to pay attention is to the permissions that the app seeks before it is being installed. Normally we don’t eat stuffs by knowing its preparation or ingredients. But here when you are downloading a travel app, it is necessary that the app uses your location but does the same apply to flashlight apps? It doesn’t make sense. So make sure that you keep an eye on permissions before you download apps.

For example, if it wants to access your storage(which includes to read or write contents, view or store your pictures or videos), it doesn’t mean that you have to worry that your relationship status is revealed to the world. But things worse than that can happen. So make sure that the app really needs access to all the information.

Security monitoring apps (Antivirus)

Installing some of the free security apps can help you at the very basic level by scanning your device for malware. But it is much better when you pay for it(hardly costs around 15$ a year). When compared to your safety, this pay sound too low.

Listen to what others say

Reviews and ratings in Google Play

Next thing is to notice about the number of downloads, ratings given to them and their reviews. Many of the users who preferred it before will be more or less same to us, using it in a similar way. So their comments should be given attention.

As the saying goes “nobody is perfect”. No software is absolute immune to protect your device completely. So remember to pay attention to the above mentioned security checks to stay safe. If not, you may come across “INJUSTICE-APPS AMONG US”.

Have a safe download, next time!