Take a ride to “The Andromeda”

Take a ride to “The Andromeda”

Something new from Google!

Google is celebrating its 18th birthday today and although Google Inc has been back and forth with the birth date, I couldn’t help but celebrate with a blog about Google’s new and upcoming project. Google is working on a new laptop with a new version of OS and it is speculated that it is an amalgamation of Chrome OS and Android.


The Pixel 3

The new OS may arrive with the  tablet and about the laptop, it is unofficially named as the Pixel 3 and it is going to be a 12.3 inch touch screen with a 10mm thickness which would make it the thinnest laptop in the world. It is going to be a convertible laptop and price might range from $799.Interestingly, it has a glass track pad with haptic feedback similar to Macbook.

Tune in October 4th

A tweet from Google’s own Hiroshi Lockheimer triggered a wave of excitement in the tech world and the news started making the rounds and the hardware event on October 4th will be hosted with a packed audience for sure.

For a lot of years now, Google has kept mobile and chrome as two different worlds and combining them might prove to be a great move or the other way around. It totally depends on how the users are able to accustom with the new OS which I am sure would not disappoint.

Amusing Etymology

About the name “Andromeda” ,  It could be an obvious mash-up of words  “And-rome-da “ or maybe it is  a word pointing to the fact that Milkyway is colliding with Andromeda in 4 billion years and Andromeda is practically a collision between 2 worlds and you can put the pieces together.


Google is taking the next step towards the conquest of the world.And.. Happy birthday Google.