How Is Prisma Different From Other Filters? 

How Is Prisma Different From Other Filters? 

When the whole world is playing Pokemon Go, another app which recently hit the market is going crazy and Android users cannot wait to get it. Although the app is available only on the Apple App Store, it has effortlessly gained a million users just because it creates your photos into artistic paintings.

Make way for AI

What daily users might not actually know about Prisma is that it is totally based on artificial intelligence and neural networks.

How Prisma Filter Works

Unlike your normal filters which adds a layer to your photos, Prisma recreates the whole image from scratch rendering a beautiful image based on paintings or patterns from the legends like Van Gogh, Picasso and Levitan.

There are 33  various effects you can experiment with and show off on your social networks. Click on the image to view the 360 degree photo.

The company’s co-founder Alexey who is a painter himself (with a computer science background) has beautifully brought together the two fields and has made an impact (considering the popularity of pokémon go) in the AI field. Hehas uploaded a 360 photo on how prisma videos work and we can soon expect a version which could make videos.

Can’t wait to see you on Android, Prisma!