Cannot Play Pokémon GO On Your Device? Here Is A Lite Alternative

Cannot Play Pokémon GO On Your Device? Here Is A Lite Alternative

Pokémon GO has been trending in the charts, both on iOS and Android. Apple has also announced as that Pokémon GO has become the app that has highest number of downloads in the first week on launch. Many people have hit the roads just the hatch the eggs they receive in the game. A study by US researchers also shows that the game has health benefits as well. People have travelled thousands of miles in order to capture Pokémons and hatch eggs.

News: Pokémon GO have denied access to the game in India as it is not yet officially launched yet.

You have a device that is not compatible with the game? or you don’t want to travel around just to play the game? Don’t worry, you can be a trainer with this good old game.

Nintendo launched Pokémon game for it’s hand-held consoles and Gameboy is one quite popular among them. The game is available in multiple versions and so you will have a long time catching pokémons.


GBA Emulator Pokemon

Head over to the Play Store and download a GameBoy Advance emulator. Best ones are My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator and GBA Emulator.
They let you load a gba file and play the game. First one also lets to save the game and load it back later.


Apple’s iPhone had GBA4iOS which works perfectly fine with phones running iOS 8 or less. If your phone is running iOS 8.1+, then check out iEmulator. The page has a detailed description of how to install and use it.

Pokemon Game GBA Emulator Android

Once you are down installing the emulator, now its time to download the game and load it. Loveroms has a great collection of GBA games including multiple versions and languages of Pokémon. Click here to find the list of available games. In the search bar, type in pokémon and you will find an entire list that you can download.

After downloading, extract the game to your storage. Open the emulator and it will automatically find the available games. select your game ans start playing. Tip: Use the landscape mode for a better experience.