Phoenix OS – Bringing Android to PC

Phoenix OS – Bringing Android to PC

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system, currently being developed by Google. Though Android is quite popular in the handheld devices, the Linux-based operating system has always been expected to be used on Desktop.

Two companies tried to build Android x86 builds of the Operating system and succeeded in it. Remix OS, which we have posted before was developed by Jide Technologies(Read more about it here) and other is a similar one known as Phoenix OS developed by Beijing Chaozhuo Technology Co.

Phoenix OS looks almost similar to Windows 10, with the start menu and full-screen option of the start menu for accessing the app drawer. It also features an Notification Center, for managing notifications and accessing quick settings.


The OS supports Classified file management, LAN access, Global Search and also mouse-pointing operation for easier use. The windows of the apps can be dragged and re-sized as the user likes for multi-tasking with apps. Also the apps can be opened in full screen mode.


Though Phoenix OS doesn’t support Google Play Store, you can download Google Play apk and install it to access the app store. It also has support for Microsoft Office for Android and also provides OTA(Over The Air) updates.

The OS is available for ARM devices(Nexus 7,Nexus 9,Nexus 10 devices) which can be downloaded here and also for Intel x86 machines available here. The OS can be installed on Desktops using the installer either on USB disk or on Hard disk directly.

installerThe OS when first time booted, shows some Chinese characters but when you choose English and then the language is defaulted to English. The OS when installed on USB disk, can be used on any system as a bootable one. 4GB USB 2.0 disk is supported by Phoenix OS making it easily installable with less amount of resource.

Phoenix OS as a whole provides an overall android experience on Desktops with all the extra features proves worthy to give it a shot. Both Remix OS and Phoenix OS are a greater start for the customized android builds for Desktops. Soon we hope more would join the league. Happy Droid Time 😀 . Peace 🙂