Online Services that Aid to Improve Everyday Efficiency

Online Services that Aid to Improve Everyday Efficiency
Does being online make you unproductive? Do you fritter away time with services like Facebook and Twitter? If your answer is yes, then let me show you the other side of it. Below are a few services that makes life hassle-free.

There are a lot of web applications for various purposes. One such useful utility is a timer. The Egg Timer lets you set duration for the timer and continue the work. It is helpful to take breaks in-between long-hour works.

Users can also set 25/5 minute cycles or it can even be used as a reminder for 20-20-20 rule for all those sitting in front of computers.

Timer Screen

The only necessity is to have the tab open in the browser.

Every thought of getting opinions from your friends or colleagues or anyone else? Guys at have re-imagined the way to create elegant polls.

Preview of a poll

Neither you nor the participant don’t have to create accounts in order to create or participate. It allows users to be truly anonymous. Once the poll is created, you’ll be provided with a link to the page which needs to be shared to the specific participants.


Maildrop is an email service provider similar to Gmail. So what’s special about it? The mail box is disposable! It lets anyone to create email account for a temporary period, after which it will be unavailable.

It comes in handy when you have to try some service such as for a single download that asks your email address. You can avoid a ton of spam mails in the process.

There are also many other such email providers. Read more on disposable email services.

Cloud Convert

The conversion of files from one format to another often consumes a lot of time and computing resources. But the emergence of cloud computing takes it to newer heights.

Cloud Convert supports conversion between numerous file formats (211, to be precise), all on the cloud. This makes it easier and faster. Conversion of large files can be done in few minutes. Only the internet resource is utilized for the same. And the best thing is that you don’t even need an account to get started. The users also don’t need to worry about the security as it makes use of the SSL encryption for the entire file transfer process.

I Need A Resume

Compiling all your data in to a resume for the first time will take hours of time. And when so much time is not available, you have a problem. The team behind this website addresses this issue with a simpler solution.

The web app gets details of the individual tab-by-tab and generates the entire resume. It asks you the personal information, education and job details, projects, skills and many more. Also the process is fast with not need for registrations.

There are a lot of other tools also with much more functionalities. Share your favorite service in the comments and let the Internet be a better used.