Neuralink – where neuroscience meets technology.

Neuralink – where neuroscience meets technology.

Elon Musk has never ceased to amaze us with his ideas like Tesla cars, SpaceX, hyperloop, solar city and colonizing Mars.  This time he has come up with Neuralink- where neuroscience meets technology.


Neuralace technology

The company aims to create what is called a “neuralace”. A layer of technology implanted (in the form of electrodes) in the brain to download and upload thoughts. The idea may seem a bit too far-fetched but Elon musk has a habit of proving us wrong.

Elon Musk is not alone

But, Musk isn’t the only person aiming to put electrodes in your brain. Bryan Johnson, a Silicon-valley entrepreneur has pledged $100 million of his own money to build neural tools that will be able to read and write the brain’s functions with his company Kernel.

Although there is very limited information about the ablutions of Neuralink, Bryan’s company Kernel has been in the news for a while. It seems like neuro-scientists are a bit reluctant to impact electrodes in a healthy brain because if obvious reasons.

Curing brain disorders

However, the skeptics of neuro-implants are all in for treating brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease using these technologies. IBM is working on deep brain stimulation to treat the diseases of this kind and they are making huge strides in bring neuroscience and technology together.It seems like Neuralink and Kernel are keen to begin the work on the same lines. It will be helpful in gathering neural data with a high quality and it can show us how to improve the health of diseased patients. For example, it can be able to predict seizures of a patient.

All these ideas may seem too good to be true but when giants like Musk and Bryan are pumping money into research, nothing is impossible. In the end, science wins.

  1. Technology never seems to amaze me and it looks like all the futuristic films we have grown up watching are coming true slowly. Musk is definitely a leader and but the medical benefits that you mention are really something that will be beneficial to all. Interesting thought piece, one that makes us really think about the future of technology.

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