All you need to know about Google’s Project Fi

All you need to know about Google’s Project Fi

Google’s latest project on Wireless technology called Project Fi is going to revolutionize wireless communication. Google’s Project Fi has been rolled out for select devices for testing. The company has confirmed it in the official forum. This project aims to help users get better connections to the internet.


Google’s Project Fi uses Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to switch between different networks. Right now, Google has partnered with T- Mobile, Sprint and US cellular for testing. There are several advantages that come along with this project like quality international calls, lower call drops, group plans and Data while travelling internationally.

Project Fi’s Wireless Service

Project Fi has been allowing its customers to use 2G data services internationally without having a huge surcharge. Now, they are taking it up a notch and giving the users the best network at the user’s location (may be 2G, 3G or 4G) with absolutely no surcharge. Google says this feature is up because of partnership with three, which is an international network carrier.

One more interesting thing is Google’s Project Fi plans start at $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts, with an additional $10 per GB of data used. If you end up using less data than you paid for, Google will refund you the difference.

Project Fi’s Group plans

With Google Fi you can get group plans for your friends and family and with Google Fi app you can manage the additional phone lines.

The one thing that stands out with  Google’s Project Fi is that, it does not use a single network. It switches to the best network based on the user’s location. It is now available only with select devices like Pixel and Nexus 6P.

The signal indicator will continue to display LTE instead of dropping to H and you can even navigate in Google Maps while still making a call to someone. The only problem right now is only T- Mobile users can use the Project Fi till Google announces the time of release.

You can learn more about the Project Fi here