Mobile App Prototyping made Simpler!

Mobile App Prototyping made Simpler!
Wireframing is the first and foremost step in developing applications, Desktop, Web or even Mobile. This lets you design the user interface elements of the app and then lets you view how it would look after it is developed. Once the wireframe is ready, next is to prototype it and try it out on the device it is intended to with some dummy data. You get to even make transformations in clicks in the prototype at predefined locations.

Fluid UI is a tool that lets you Wireframe and Prototype your apps. Founded by an Irish Software Development firm, the platform is built on HTML5 standards and is specifically designed for mobile devices. It has additional features that lets the user to emulate the touches.

The web app lets you create your UI screens and also form a graph network that denotes the pages to go on a click/touch of buttons.

Once the wireframe is ready, it can be prototyped and can be run on any device of your choice, be it Windows, Android or iOS instantly via the web. It provides a QR code that redirects the phone’s browser to a page that loads the app directly.

With over 2000 widgets that could be added your app, you are equipped to make some brilliantly designed UI’s.

The alternatives that you could search for are: