Meet the SuperX heroes in town!

Meet the SuperX heroes in town!

Why does a business fail? What happens when a company you built which is so dear to you falls apart? What might be done to improve and sustain?

SuperX team has an answer to all these questions and they are confident of revolutionizing the IT industry by “Developer resourcing” which apparently has become a game changer for success of a startup.

A step ahead

The SuperX has taken a step in mending what is broken by providing  all sorts of resources to a company be it offshore or onsite from day 1. Since startups cannot afford to train a developer just to create a simple module, SuperX has an array of developers waiting to help you. The best part is you can pay them based on the task performed saving you both time and money. Genius! Right?

Hiring problem?

SuperX has identified that hiring the right person is the most difficult job for a start up and that it will make a huge impact in the future of the company. They find the proper person for your company and each developer is backed with a Business analyst and mentor. Three resources at one cost and paying by the task seem very profitable for a startup.

Latest technologies

They have resources who can work with an array of latest technologies like  WordPress Developers, Drupal Developers, MongoDB Developers, Magento Developers, PHP Developers, JavaScript Developers, AngularJS Developers, NodeJS Developers, Android Developers, iOS Developers, Gaming Developers, Cross Platform Developers, Ruby On Rails Developers, ASP.NET Developers, MS SharePoint Developers, Software Testers/QA, UI/UX Designers etc.

Standing apart

The company has a long standing association with various start ups and that is the reason they stand out in this business and adding to that a quality hiring process which will ensure that people who are working with the companies are top notch. The company focuses on Communication, Technical expertise, pro-active thinking and cultural background before hiring an employee.

SuperX team workflow

Here is how SuperX is giving you an edge over other startups!

  • Focus on marketing your product
  • Focus on your business
  • Create a customized team
  • Improve Cost effectiveness

So, look no further

SuperX is providing all the right ingredients for you to build your company. They are now actively working with start-ups across India, Australia and USA. Get in touch with them and who knows they might be a Batman in your dark night, and that is the what superX heroes live for 😉


SuperX Team is founded by Arunraj Rajendran and Praveen Sukumar. SuperX Team is the service offered FillipTech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Contact Info:

You can get in touch with SuperX Team at these numbers  +91 950 090 9136 (IND),+1 661 621 2074 (USA),+61 280 075 303 (AUS) or mail them at info[at]superxteam[dot]com.