How To Make Android Mobile Faster

How To Make Android Mobile Faster

Android Operating System is nowadays one of the leading operating system in the market. Many People in the world are using android, but most of the time they are uncomfortable after using it for sometime. The most common problem they face is that their device is hanging, getting slowed etc. Today through this article we are going to tell you simple tips, tricks, hacks to make your android device work faster and smoother.

Android Mobiles usually have a life of about 2-3 years and after that it starts hanging, slowing down etc. Though android is a user friendly experience but sometimes it becomes a problem for user. It is sometimes because of heavy apps, cached data etc. It is the most frustrating moment when it works at a very slow pace.

Why Your Android Device is Slow?

The main reason is apps, cached data, deleted files. These all data gets accumulated in your android device memory and causes your device to slow down which ultimately leads to its hanging which no one likes.

Ways To Speed Up Android?

clear data cache android

1.Uninstalling – This is the great way to speed up your phone without  apps that you are not using for a long while. The reason I’m saying is, the apps you’ve used or using is cached in your android smartphone.

2.Clean Temporary Files and Cache – If you don’t want to uninstall apps, clearing out the temporary data they’ve stored up is the next best thing. From Settings, tap Apps then pick your app of choice. Tap the Storage heading on the next screen then Clear cache .

3.Update Your Android – Getting the latest version of android will also benefit you as it will make the device fast and smooth.

4.Remove Live Wallpaper – Removing live wallpaper and using a still one will also benefit in many ways.Just try it once.

5.Turn off or Remove Animations – For removing or turning off animations just enable developer options from settings. Go to settings and the then about, system settings. Then you will see build no. Tap on it 6-7 times and you will see a message that says you are a developer now. Then go back and you will see developer options, Click on it and go to animation settings, tap on it and set it to off.

6.Turn off Auto Sync – We use many applications in which we add our accounts such as Gmail, Facebook or different others. Just turn off auto sync from setting and you will see the difference.

7.Make Home Screen Simple – Keep you home screen simple without so many widgets and you will surely see the difference after some times.

8.Overclock your device – Overclocking your android device will be most expected task that you need to perform to improve your android phone’s performance. The main reason why the smartphone manufacturer disable the overclocking is due to the heat produced while it running at peek. It decreases your smartphone battery life drastically. It is necessary to root android phone to make it overclocked. If you overclocked your device you’ll notice huge difference in your phone performance.

9.Do a Factory reset – Try to factory reset your device,For this go to settings then backup and reset.Just make sure that you save your data.

10.Use an effective antivirus app – When you use a good antivirus app for your device it will definitely result in making performance of your device better.

Benefits of a Fast, Smooth Android

There are various benefits such as:

  1. You will not get disturbed while playing games
  2. You will not get disturbed while calling or receiving call from someone
  3. You will not have to worried when a new app is installed.
  4. You will not get irritated while using social media applications.
  5. You will not get disturbed while receiving or texting someone.
  6. You will not have to worried while making decisions of which app has to be installed or not.
  7. You will not get disturbed while surfing on the internet.
  8. You will have a smarter experience with your mobile.
  9. The device will be very user friendly for you.
  10. You will not get disturbed while clicking photos or checking your gallery.