Like Microsoft or Not! These Apps Would Make You To

Like Microsoft or Not! These Apps Would Make You To
Microsoft has been active when it comes to developing applications for android in 2015. Its not just it. They are creating apps that every android user would try at least one. The move to enter other platforms although they have their own Windows Phone platform seams to be a great opportunity for the company to reach much more people.

Their apps are just so beautiful, thanks to the Microsoft Garage team. Garage team? Okay, here we go.

The Microsoft Garage is a Microsoft project lab that lets employees work on projects that often have no relation to their primary function within the company.

Here are five of their beautiful creations for Android users.

Arrow Launcher

Although Android is flooded with launcher applications, this one is a bit different from others. The Arrow Launcher aims to provide simpler UI and great accessibility to applications installed on the device.

It identifies the apps that are frequently used by the user and displays them on the home screen so that he/she has instant access to them. Similarly it displays the recent activities of the user like a new photo click, calls, calendar events etc.
It also has a screen dedicated notes and remainders that lets you add events which appear in the home screen itself. The people widget screen displays the frequently contacts for to make immediate calls or messages or even mails.

If you are on a device with limited available memory and want to enjoy a smooth experience coupled with rich functionalities, the this one is for you.
Forgot to mention that it also comes with an iOS style control center. 🙂

Mimicker Alarm

Its definitely an alarm for those sleepyheads. Adding to the usual alarm app that is coupled with the phone, mimicker makes you to play a game in order to turn off the alarm. By playing the game, the app gets to know that the user is awake.


In case you stop playing in the middle, it assumes that you have fallen back to sleep and so the alarm go on again. The games are called Mimic, which actually asks you to make actions or try out emotions or even sounds, analyses it using the speech api and also determines the colors in the picture that would be clicked. All these data are used to predict that the user is awake or not.
It means that the app would make sure that its not fooled at all.


Parchi is a note-taking app similar to Google Keep and Evernote. It lets users to take really quick notes so that they won’t forget it. Features include using Hash tags in order to identify the notes, giving separate colors based on type of notes, setting remainders, adding lists, backing up and restore and so on.


Do you think, is that it? Umm, Yeah!
So, what’s distinguishing? There is something. With all the apps getting data hungry, this one is a quick exception. The size of the app is just around 2.3Mb, saving a a bit of storage that could be used to store two songs(approx.). Also, such a small app would require only lesser main memory to keep running.

If your phone is out of data, or if it’s slowing down because of other similar applications, then Parchi is one app that you must try.

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise is the only better alternative to the good old Google Calendar. It is one of the beautifully designed application that makes day to day activities a breeze. The app supports pulling of data from existing Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and even from iCloud.


That’s not it. The app even gets the event information from other applications such as Facebook, Trello, Github, Evernote and many more. Also it lets the user to geo-tag the events.



Tossup is a polls app that can be shared with friends and family. It helps to plan for events, focusing on group collaboration. It also helps to gather opinions about various topics. It also incorporates a tiny calendar that helps to manage vacations.

All these apps have turned out to pull in a lot of users for Microsoft for the functionalities they offer and also for the User Interface elements. The company has carved out a mix of the Google’s Material design standards and their own Windows Phone UI. The making of such apps doesn’t seam to stop. This week, the company launched a keyboard application for iOS platform that employs swipe typing and also a creative one hand mode. Hope it shows up on Play Store soon.