Let VLC Automatically Download the Subs for Your Videos

Let VLC Automatically Download the Subs for Your Videos
Every time you see a video or a movie of the language that you are not familiar with, the subtitles come to your favor. They are one of the most useful things that was developed to break the linguistic barriers. Also, there are a lot of websites that serve subs for a variety of media on the web.

Download Subtitles with VLC

But usually its a hard job getting the exact sub needed for your media file. This happens because there are multiple types of copies of a similar media. A movie itself comes in variety of formats and suffixes indicating that they are from different sources. In such cases, there ‘ll be a slight mismatch in the timings and also there will be missing scenes of the media.

These is a very useful extension in VLC Media Player that lets you find the exact match for the sub. It searches a hash of  directories and lists you the closely related ones of which the user itself can choose the one he thinks is suitable.


Follow these steps to get the extension up and running.
VLSUB VLC extension
Download the extension from the VLC’s extensions page. (Direct Link)Create a folder called ‘extensions’ in the VLC’s directory, if not available. (C:Program Files(x86)VideoLANVLC)

Copy the contents of the Zip file downloaded (i.e., the vlsub.lua file, Readme and Locale folder) into the extensions folder that you just created. The VLC will take care of initializing the extension.

vlsub in VLC

Now, Play a Media of your choice and the go to Menu->View->VLSub. Search the sub in your language on the hash. It gives you a list of matches, of which you can choose the perfect on.

It also supports http chunked transfer encoding for easy and fast transfer of sub files.
The project is completely open source so you can contribute if you are a developer. Just head over to their Github repo.
No hassle of going through multiple websites, just download subtitles with VLC.