Koenig Solutions, Training Programme For Certifications In IT

Koenig Solutions, Training Programme For Certifications In IT

Most of the times, we end up doing certifications for the sake of doing it. There are many institutions in a around us that guarantee the same. But do they actually gain us knowledge? Today, we will talk about Koenig Solutions which is one of the best institute for IT courses in the country.

With years of expertise and being the authorization of training for some of the major IT corporations, Koenig has evolved over the years to provide better value to students and professionals. They also have offices oversees in places like USA and Singapore.

Being the fastest growing IT training provider in India, Koenig provides the widest range of IT courses and certifications. Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council and Adobe are among the 30+ companies for which Koenig has the authorization for training and certification.

Certifications Trainings

They provide Cisco CCNA certification for various grades. Koenig provides courses from CCNA SP, CCNA Wireless, Collaboration and security.

Each of the courses are of a different duration. The CCNA security training includes various options like group training, 1-on-1 training, classroom coaching and also the selection of the location.

CCNA security training

The number of days vary between the different trainings. Before enrolling for a course, they provide you with the expected goals to be reached at the end of the course. This gives you a better idea of the end result, helping you make better decisions.

For some courses, there is also the prerequisites that needs to be met to understand the contents of the course. In classroom trainings, you will also get to meet and connect with new people thereby building connections.

Koenig Solutions, as a institution, focus on delivering excellence and innovating standards for the industry. Over the years, they have added numerous amount of certification courses aiming at getting employment for their students.

Being the pioneer in offshore training, Koenig has the largest number of IT trainers in the world. Combined with an experience of 20+ years in the industry, they can provide world class education courses for everyone. If you are looking for a certification in IT, then Koenig Solutions is the best place to be.

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