It’s time to bid adieu to Google Drive for PC

It’s time to bid adieu to Google Drive for PC

Google Drive is used by hundreds of millions of users all over the world. The desktop version of the application is about to undergo some major renovation. Last July, Google had announced in a blog post that the company is going to replace the app with a better version. So get ready to update!

It’s time to bid adieu to Google Drive for PC

On March 12, 2018, Google will stop supporting the desktop version of Google Drive. The company has, however, named the replacement application which will take over its predecessor. Backup and Sync is the replacement and it is available right now. The company has planned to support Google drive till December of this year and so, it is time to get updated.

What’s new?

The new application has a redefined approach to storage of user data. The new application will have the ability to store an increased number of files and also syncs with Google Photos. The announcement was made in a blog post addressing the IT administrators. Furthermore, a new option called Filestream which helps the user to organize the files exclusively on cloud and streamingĀ it to the laptops whenever necessary.

Growing importance of Cloud

The improvement of Google drive marks the beginning of new era of cloud computing. This puts emphasis on the growing importance of cloud based storage. In due course, all the storage will be solely dependent on cloud and mobile devices are going to be a pivotal tool which facilitates users to edit documents or share a tweet on the fly.

So, you can install the application here and start your transition out of Google drive. Having Storage issues in your phone? Click here to learn more.