Internet of Things: 4 Platform Tools Introduced

Internet of Things: 4 Platform Tools Introduced
The Internet of Things(IoT) is around for sometime now and has occupied a permanent spot. The wearable industry has change the whole outlook of IoT for the customers. Every day, there is a wearable introduced in the market. The tech giants such as Google and Apple have also introduced their own wearable products. They are also working of improving its dependency as for now, all the devices are connected to a smartphone.

Internet of Things For Developers

As for developers, IoT is providing a huge platform for development of innovative products. It is not only for the big enterprises. Further more, IoT is expanding and we will be seeing IoE (Internet of Everything) any time soon.

Here is a list of 4 services that offer some innovative stuff for serving IoT devices.


From a sensor manufacturing firm, SensorCloud offers a comprehensive platform for storage of data from your device on the cloud. The graphical representations are used to keep track of the data and its usage.

Internet of Things sensor cloud

The platform also offers various scientific operations that could be performed of data. It offers open data api for uploading the data along with a csv uploader to transfer data to the cloud servers. Also the data is encrypted to maintain privacy and security.

It also provides features such as alerts to notify in case of any unexpected behaviours. The service is free for limited number of transactions but also offers premium plans for small business and enterprises.


Nimbits is an open source data logger and historian for monitoring your sensory devices and software attached to it. The server stores the process data such as Geolocation and time stamps in order to define the information. It supports xmpp and REST api’s which makes it accessible from most of the gsm modules.

Nimbits also provides a Java library making it easy for web and android based solutions to communicate easily with the server itself. It also supports Arduino. The Android client can be used to monitor the sensor data on the go.

ioBridge and ThingSpeak

The ioBridge is focuses on making simple internet-enabled devices for manufacturers. ThingSpeak is IoT platform from ioBridge which focuses of connecting any hardware to a mobile device via the web.

ThinkSpeak is an open data platform that supports real time data collection, processing, visualizations and also plugin support. It offers Open API for data uploading and retrieval. It supports popular hardware kits such as Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Electric Imp etc..


Now that you have all the devices connected to the cloud, do they communicate with each other? Paraimpu is a platform that allows to collect data from various sources and process them to create personalized experience to the user.

The service helps you build semantic networks that care capable for transforming data.

More and more platform services are evolving as the Internet of Things is setting up standards. Someday, we might look at more services that provide services that are unimaginable at the moment.