How To Install All Softwares Together

How To Install All Softwares Together

Do you install all the necessary application softwares one by one after windows installation? Isn’t it a pain, configuring each software and sometimes reboots for completing installation? Not any more. There is a software package that lets you install all softwares together in one click.

Install All Softwares Together


Ninite allows you to select the softwares that you want to install on their webpage. It is called as a package management system as it takes care of managing multiple packages based on user’s need.

Once the list of softwares is selected, you can then download a package. The downloaded installer will automatically download all the necessary installers during the installation process and install it on the machine.

You do not have to worry about downloading each and every package and installing them. Also compatibility issues like 64-bit installation on a 32-bit machine will also be handled.

Ninite lets ou install all softwares together

Ninite can also be used to update all the softwares on your pc together as well. The app supports all the necessary applications that is required for basic web browsing to music and video playback.

The software also prevents additional small addon softwares such as toolbars from spamming your PC. It blocks the installation of such addons automatically.

In cases where you need to do the same for a number of computers, you can choose the Ninite Pro option. It lets you to manage packages in all the devices at a time. You can also download offline installers preventing download of packages every single time. The pro version also includes support for the CLI install.

The supported packages include web browsers, messaging applications, document viewers, image editing, media players and more. And if you are a developer, they offer developer tools like Eclipse, JDK, Fileilla, PuTTY, Visual Studio Code etc.

You can use Ninite on any PC running a Windows XP and above OS to install all softwares together.


Avoids installation of toolbars or adwares
Automatic updation of outdated softwares
No need to worry about system architecture and compatibility
Remote update of PC in different networks
Auto language selection
Silent installation(CLI version)
Error reporting

Not satisfied with Ninite? Here are the two best alternatives.


Allmyapps install and update apps together

Allmyapps is not just an installer. Although it lets you to install multiple applications at once, it will also look for updates periodically. Once an update is found, it will update automatically based on your settings. Additionally is has a clean app store where you can find softwares to install.


RuckZuck is a package manager specifically designed for the Windows platform. It categorizes all the softwares making it easier for its users to install the necessary softwares. RuckZuck is a free software and there is no pro version. It means that you get to use all its features with out any limitations.

No more worries after system restore as well as keeping the applications up-to date.