[Infographic] What Affects Your Internet Speed

[Infographic] What Affects Your Internet Speed

Do you hate when your Internet stops working in the middle of a large file transfer or when you’re playing your favorite online game with your buddies? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are dozens of factors that can make your Internet sluggish and unreliable.

Is your wireless router placed in the middle of the house? Is it elevated enough? Or maybe you’re still using an outdated router that your Internet Service Provider gave you and charges you a monthly rental fee for! Another culprit could be your Internet browser. Internet Explorer is notoriously known for being the slowest browser on the market. So if you’re using IE, it’s time to switch to Chrome or Firefox.

These are just a few factors that could be affecting your Internet connection speed. Check out the Infographic below from BlueGadgetTooth team that shows 10 common factors that affect your Internet connection and quick fixes that could get you back to the speed you are paying for!

What Affects Your Internet Speed

Hope, you got some information on how you can improve your internet speed.

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