India’s First Crossover Electric Bicycle Launched, From Chennai

India’s First Crossover Electric Bicycle Launched, From Chennai

Volta Motors, a start-up from Chennai is trying to bring the electric crossover bicycle to the affordable space. The electric mobility solution is a made in India product as well.

The company claims that the Volta ZAP will offer cheap rides at 25 to 30KM/hr speed. 7 paise /KM is the claimed expense of the vehicle, although the bike is to be priced around 30,000 INR.

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Volta ZAP Crossover Bike

Volta ZAP can ride up to 60KM on a single charge. It features advanced lithium technology with a compact box frame, geared for an exhilarating ride. Other features include 4x faster charging, universal charger, utility space and disc brakes.

The bike allows users to easily remove, recharge and/or reinsert the 3kg battery. It also include LED reflectors for night-time riding, integrated facilities for smartphones and customizable body panels, to offer customers a wide range of colours to choose from.

You will not require to have a driver’s license as the bike complies to the government’s policies. The Chennai startup has now opened up the pre-booking for it’s Volta ZAP.

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