How to Save Documents on Android Phone with DigiLocker

How to Save Documents on Android Phone with DigiLocker

Latest App to Save Documents on Android Phone Safely

You might have known that there are a lot of reforms by the Government of India to push people to go digital. Some are controversial too. Today, I will take you through one service that is actually beneficial to save documents on Android phone itself. It was Launched in February 2015, but the service is used by over 3 million users in India, Okay, no more hiding.

It’s called DigiLocker, a digital locker for all your legal documents. It lets you upload your documents and self-sign them so that they become completely valid.

Why DigiLocker to Save Documents on Android Phone

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology has put in some effort so that you need not have to carry the hard copy of your documents anymore. As per the digital India initiative, DigiLocker aims to provide citizens with a shareable private space on a public cloud and making all documents / certificates available on this cloud. The app is linked to the user’s Aadhaar (UIDAI) number and mobile number.

Save Documents on Android Phone

Additionally, organizations that are registered with DigiLocker can also send electronic copies of documents and certificates directly to the locker of the user. The maximum storage space is 1GB for an individual with 10MB of file size limit. Intended to minimize the use of physical documents, DigiLocker consists of three stakeholders – Yourself, Document Issuer and Document Requester.

So, the next time you get caught with traffic police or you go to government offices like Passport Office, Universities, etc., do not worry about carrying all your documents. DigiLocker is completely legal to use in order to display your documents to any such offices or officials.

digilocker to Save Documents on Android Phone

It also avoids the risk of carrying the original documents anywhere anytime and supports self-uploaded documents to be authenticated by eSign (digital way of self-attestation).

DigiLocker also supports uploading of data directly to certain websites. So, if you are filling some forms for college admissions, applications for passport, driving license, etc. online, you can directly send the documents via DigiLocker itself.

Concerned about security? Not to worry. The service makes use of 256-bit secure encryption for your documents to stay safe.

Only disadvantage is that it is not yet available to iOS users.

Why DigiLocker to Save Documents on Android Phone

The service also supports over 80 different types of documents that are issued or searchable whereas you can upload around 200 different types of documents into the cloud. There are also 20+ issues including the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, CBSE board (certain states), etc.

To sign up:

  1. Provide your Mobile number after your account creation
  2. Mobile number would be confirmed using an OTP(One Time Password), after which you can select your username and password for the service
  3. Once the account is ready, you can start using services
  4. You can provide your Aadhar Number to gain access to all the services.


Download Digilocker and Save Documents on Android phone.

Join hands for a digital India, today.