Hidden emoticon keyboard in iPhone, iPhone 7, Airpod and more

Hidden emoticon keyboard in iPhone, iPhone 7, Airpod and more

The iPhone 7 is here!       

Apple has already announced the release of iPhone 7 but it is not stopping anyone from speculating about the price,storage and variants.So it is not going to stop us either. IPhone is rumored to be priced at around $750 and the handset is going to be accompanied with AirPods and will be available with a black variant.

Apple acquired Beats electronics and was working on the wireless Airpods for a long time and patented the technology on September 22 last year and the speculations were rife.Proving them right Apple has planned to ship the Airpods along with iPhone 7.

Price rumors 

The 32 GB version is going to be priced at around $790 ( Rs. 53000) and the 256 GB version for $1060 (Rs.71250) whereas iPhone 7 plus 32 GB will be priced at around $910(Rs.61200) and the 256 GB one at roughly $1180 or Rs 79300.


Apple has planned to ship the wireless AirPods along with the handset.It is Wireless technology branded under the ‘Apple’ banner and not Beats. The rumored wireless headphones will not feature a charging port but will rather come with a carrying case that doubles as a rechargeable battery to power up your headphones when not in use.iPhone 7 will not include a standard headphone jack and will instead require headphones to connect via the Lightning connector or wirelessly over Bluetooth. The ability for headphones to connect over Lightning has been included in iOS already, and new EarPods will support this.

A small tech tip for reading this far…

There is a hidden emoticon keyboard in your iPhone you probably didn’t know about.Unlike the Android counterpart, iPhone does not have emoji list to be accessed easily. Just follow these simple steps to use it.

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard.
  2. Now choose keyboards -> Add new Keyboard -> Japanese  (Yes! you read that right) -> Kana
  3. Now Go to any messaging app -> Open the keyboard -> Tap the Globe icon in the bottom left.
  4. Tap the Japanese characters in the keyboard.
  5. You will find an emoticon below.
  6. You can either scroll through the icons or make it full screen.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider/videos/567025593495801/

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