Handy shortcuts for Google Chrome Users

Handy shortcuts for Google Chrome Users

Use these Shortcuts for Google Chrome for better productivity

Google’s Chrome browser has made remarkable show since it’s launch. It shattered the market share of Internet Explorer and also bypassed Firefox to become the browser with most number of users. It was the simplicity and speed that made the big difference. Also the bundled quick search omni box was added to it’s advantages.

I, myself use Chrome for all my surfing needs, although I have Firefox installed. And you might also be. But do you know about the Google Chrome shortcuts that the browser provides in order to speed up the usage workflow? Here are the ones you should be knowing.

Working with Tabs:

  • Open a New Tab: Ctrl + T
  • Close Current Tab:  Ctrl + W
  • Reopen Last Closed Tab: Ctrl + Shift + T
  • Move Through Tabs: Ctrl + Tab (for Forward) and Ctrl + Shift + Tab (for Backward)
  • Switching to a Specific Tab: Ctrl + (Tab Number) eg., Ctrl + 2 for Second Tab
  • Opening Link in New Tab: Hold Ctrl and Click on the Link
  • Opening Link in New Window: Hold Shift and Click on the Link


  • Bookmark Current Page: Ctrl + D
  • Open Downloads Page: Ctrl + J
  • Clear Browsing Data: Ctrl + Shift + Del(Key)

Do you know? Google Chrome has it’s own Task Manager. Shift + Esc gets you to it.

shortcuts for google chrome

You can manage your extensions too. Open up the Extensions page and find a Keyboard shortcuts link at the bottom right. Clicking on it brings up the dialog from where you can configure convenient keyboard shortcuts for active extensions.

And the biggest positive of Chrome, the built-in search. but there is more to it. Hit Ctrl + K on the keyboard. You would get a question mark on the Omni Box(Chrome’s Address Bar) and when you type in your search query, Chrome provides you with suggestions as in the Google’s Search Page.

Keyboard shortcuts – Chrome Help

Learn keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome and become a pro at using it. Windows and Linux Tab and window shortcuts Shortcut Action.

So, why are you waiting for? Show these to your friends and make ’em wonder, increasing your productivity.

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