Habits to grow that will eventually make you smarter

Habits to grow that will eventually make you smarter

Most of us have our daily routines stuck up with work or learning. But if we examine the daily schedule of a past day, we would find a lot of idle time. Its never late to start making small changes.

Below are a few interesting little activities that once you make a habit would improve your smartness.


A few minutes of regular exercise improves the ability of the body to be flexible. But does it make us smarter? The answer is yes. It refreshes the working of your brain and improves object recognition memory.

What’s Object Recognition Memory?
    It is the ability of the brain to differentiate an object from the previously encountered similar one.

Still not scientific enough?
While exercising, the brain releases the BDNF(Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) which is the protein linked to cognitive additions that help in long term memory.


Games play an important role in building the working memory of the brain. It is responsible for storing and processing all kinds of information.Simply means that the brain tend to work faster!
Wait a sec, its not the only gain from video games. It improves strategy building and planning, spatial navigation, etc.

30 minutes of play can significantly increase the Grey matter in the brain. By the way, games need not be puzzles. It can be strategy based, action or even first person shooter.


When you start playing any kind of musical instrument, silence plays a major role and so listening to the tunes of silence will improve the ability to listen to detail.
It also makes the listener as well as the player feel relaxing, there by enhancing the cognitive skills and learning abilities. There are additional things that would happen for children. They tend to exhibit verbal fluency and it also improves their processing speed.



There are two things that most of us think while deciding to learn a new language. Either it is for adding value to the resume or for traveling reasons.
But thats not it. Speaking multiple languages improves the brain’s executive functions that improves the performance of mentally demanding tasks better. And there are proofs that bilinguals are better at solving puzzles, task planning and management due to better attention and task-switching capabilities of the brain.

Duolingo is a brilliantly designed application for smart phones that makes learning a newer language much easier.


Let me make it clear that reading doesn’t refer to studying.
The gift of reading is that it improves the vocabulary. That isn’t it.
Reading triggers experiences that relate to the actual actions. Readers experience embodied semantics which is a process that clones the brain connectivity which actually occurs if such an action is performed. Not so clear? It simply means that reading about jogging triggers the same neural connections that are triggered when the person is actually jogging.
Moreover, it causes increase in connectivity in left temporal cortex of the brain improving the receptivity for languages.

There are also some other things that you can give a try.

Engage with peers with common interest or join such groups where most people are smarter than you. Its the intelligence of people you spend time decide your knowledge growthRead News paper and Word of the DayThink of newer ideas that would improve the quality of living and take a note of it dailyHave a healthy diet and avoid multitasking as it reduces concentration.

Give them a try in a while and let your brains grow.