Google’s new operating system – Fuchsia

Google’s new operating system – Fuchsia

 A brand new OS

Google is world’s leader in technology. It is widening its horizon by adding a new operating system to the gamut of already existing systems like Chrome OS, Glass OS and not to mention Android. The company is now developing a brand new OS which reportedly, is a complete variant from the existing Android OS.

Google’s new operating system – Fuchsia

Google’s new operating system – Fuchsia, is a real-time operating system first discovered in August 2016 as a GitHub code post. Fuchsia, unlike its predecessors, is based on a microkernel called ‘Magenta’. And the major advantage is its ability to run on various devices from embedded systems to PCs. The details of the features are derived from the code in GitHub and nothing is official as yet.

Behind the scenes

Christoper Anderson and Brian Swetland are the brains behind this OS. They are well known in the Google circuit and they’ve done their fair share of work at google building Android TV and Nexus Q. The Magenta based OS can do a lot more than android as it is designed to be a light-weight system. The project’s documentation states the ability to work with smartphones and PCs with super-fast processors and systems having non-trivial amounts of RAM. Considering the fact that, Google has its own IOT platform, it is a possibility that Fuchsia will be an AR-friendly OS.

Only in the rudimentary stage

The screenshots of the UI depicts the layout of the home screen with Google assistant below and displaying the profile picture of the user along with the profile settings.

Fuchsia is believed to mean a mix of purple and pink. According to one of the creators, the OS is now booting well in Intel and Acer PCs but the future of the OS is still a blur. Google’s innovation is unmatched and it is an exciting time for the users to both experience and experiment with all the new stuff developed by them. All the details about project Fuchsia can be found here