Google Tests Material Design For YouTube Web

Google Tests Material Design For YouTube Web

Google has been working hard to implement the Material Design guidelines for almost all its applications. Even products like Adsense have been given a refreshed look with a newer design consisting of animations and ripple effects. YouTube seems to be next in the line as a Reddit user have cracked his way into enabling the new UI for the users. And as per out testing, it functions very smoothly than the regular version of the website. It is also quite similar to the YouTube Gaming that was launched recently except for the change in color scheme.

YouTube Material Design

YouTube TV also uses a material design like UI for easy navigation from a smart television. The new material design is modern and cleaner than the previous version of the website. The search bar of the website picks up colors from the channel pages in a similar way where Android Lollipop or higher devices change the status bar color.

The new design also has an hamburger-style menu that incorporates the sidebar that links to the popular videos, trending stuff, categories and lot more. There is no change with the video player of the website. It consists of all the existing features and functionalities.

If you need to try out the new design in your browser, just follow these steps. [works only on Google Chrome for now]

  1. Head over to the YouTube Website.
  2. Open the developer tools from the menu or hit F12.
  3. In the Resources tab, expand the Cookies and then click on youtube. You will be presented with a list of cookies and their values.
  4. Select the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie and hit delete.
  5. Now, go to the Console tab in developer options and run the following code and refresh the page.


Browse through your favorite channels to feel the difference. Please note that the now settings will be replaced once you log in to your YouTube account. The new design is expected to be live in the coming weeks.

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