A Glimpse of the Future- GenX Nano Automatik

A Glimpse of the Future- GenX Nano Automatik

Cars have always been an evolving industry not only in the automotive perspective but also in the technological perspective. Earlier we had discussed about the cars of the future and Tata Motors has come up with GenX Nano which they believe, will be a game changer.


The car comes with both manual and automatic version and this next generation car should stand out with its hatchback counterparts considering its features. The design is much similar to the Indian version but there is a subtle design theme change and they call it “Infinity motif”. The car might look compact but there is a convenient leg room and a convincing luggage space making it commercially reliable.


This is a fuel efficient car giving mileage of up to 21 km/l and has a 24L fuel tank making it a viable option for a long drive. As far as the entertainment system is concerned, it comes with an AmphiStream® music system with a Bluetooth ® connectivity. An electric power assisted steering with speed sensitivity really makes the job easier for a chauffeur.


The next 10 years in revolution of Car technology will mark the beginning of a new era and the cars does not have to be driver-less or it need not have an autopilot like Tesla to be revolutionary. It can be made a revolutionary product just because of the simple things which makes cars more usable and affordable and  GenX Nano has really nailed it in that perspective.

For more information, visit GenX Srilanka.

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  1. Tata Nano is truly a revolution in car technology. For its size is very good for everyday use in a city. The space they offer in the luggage compartment and the seating area and the most important it is a very fuel efficient car.
    Tata Motors has launched this best hatchback cars in Srilanka Bangladesh after India.

    • Considering the traffic in cities like Bangalore, I would highly recommend using cars like Nano or Reva because most cars would host only one or two people in it.

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