The Best Fitness Bands In India Under Any Budget [2018]

The Best Fitness Bands In India Under Any Budget [2018]

Everyone wishes to stay fit and healthy. With the intervention of technology, it has become convenient to track ones fitness on a regular basis. There are a log of fitness bands in the market that can help you focus on your fitness goals. Tracking your fitness also help you stay motivated to achieve them. In this post, I will discuss about some of the best fitness bands in India under various price ranges.

There are also various smart watches which incorporate the same technology. We will not be discussing about them in this post rather focus on bands designed specifically for fitness measurement.

Before I begin, here are some of the reasons why you should think of  getting a fitness band for yourself.

– Monitoring health

The fitness bands are capable of analyzing your body movement to determine vital information like Blood Pressure, Pulse, Calories burnt etc. You can even measure your sleeping patterns and can take measures to improve them, if needed.

– Tracking your fitness progress

These trackers can help you track how much have you achieved in your fitness training. Knowing the progress helps you to stay on track to finish the training.

– Set daily goals

You can set daily goals that can include multiple activities such as walking, running etc. and keep track of it on a regular basis.

– Workout trainer

Most of the fitness bands also can be also be linked to your smart phone and has the ability to set up various training. It can also show tips to improve your health and fitness.

Here are the best fitness bands in India that you can buy now.

Mi Band – HRX Edition

Xiaomi’s offering in this space is one of the best fitness bands for casual fitness-conscious users. Although it’s a budget fitness band, it does come with a lot of functionality.

Mi Band 2 Fitness Band

The Mi band comes with a heart rate sensor and also has sleep-tracking. The statistical data can be see in the Mi’s mobile app.

The band has a really good battery backup of 20 days on average and also comes with IP67 water proof certification. The OLED display will also show phone notifications and call details, which comes in handy. You can also set it up to vibrate on incoming calls to the linked smart phone.

Smart lock allows you to unlock your smart phone when the band is in close proximity.

Price: Rs. 1299

Honor Band 3 Activity Tracker

The activity tracker from Honor is another budget offering with a bunch of features. It provides advanced sleep tracking technology (TruSleep) that tracks light, deep and REM sleeps along with occasional wake-ups in the middle of the night. It also has caller ID and call rejection features, linking to your smart phone.

Honor Band 3 Sleep Tracking

The sleep information and always on pulse monitoring is analyzed to provide your recommendations to improve the same. Using your smart phone, the tracker can use the phone’s GPS to map your activity routes.

The battery backup is also incredibly good, with 30 days usage on a single charge. It also comes with 50-m water resistance, so that you can wear it even during swimming.

Price: Rs. 2799

GOQii Fitness Tracker

GOQii’s fitness tracker is different from other products in the fact that it comes as a complete health management package. The company provides a fitness coach for a specific period of time (based on the plan of purchase) to help you to shift your habits for the better.

Goqii fitness band

The device comes with an integrated USB charger so that you can charge it easily on the fly.

Price: Rs. 3999

Moov Now 3D

Moov Now is a fitness tracker with futuristic design. It is one of the best movement trackers out there as it comes with 9-axis accelerometer. The device can measure running impact, gym repetitions and even swimming strokes accurately.

The huge advantage of Moov Now is its battery life. The device lasts for months together on a single charge.

Although the device does not have a display, it has an LED indication to notify the status of the device. Moov Now has various workout programs with more than 200 levels. It also has a real-time audio coaching based in the selected program.

Price: Rs. 3999 – 4792

Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta Fitness Band

The Alta is a slim, affordable and more stylish fitness band. Although Alta doesn’t have a heart rate sensor, it can assist you in logging your daily activities. It also has some basic smart watch features.

The Alta is one of the best fitness bands around for the average person. The ability to swap out bands according to your mood or the event you’re attending comes to the liking of many.

Price: Rs. 10049 – 12999

All of the above fitness bands offer the best of performance for their price range. If you happen to use any other ones that are recommendable, let us know as a comment below.


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