Facebook at work,Messenger Lite and Marketplace

Facebook at work,Messenger Lite and Marketplace

Facebook has come up with a few innovative applications like a smarter and safer craigslist, a toned down version of messenger and Facebook for work.

Facebook for work

Most of the corporate companies today use yammer and Skype for office communications and Facebook is here to revolutionize work communication and promises to make work addictive with this new application. The app is now available both in Playstore and App store. The employers can create separate profiles for the employees and everyone could set up their own work profile.


The application was supposedly in development for ten years and was worked with the help of a billion feedbacks from the users. The app is now being used at Facebook and if Zuckerberg wants to give any major announcement, it goes straight into [email protected] As far as adaptability is concerned, considering all of the corporate employees have a Facebook profile of their own and they are used to its flow there is absolutely no worries and since it does not cost anything, It will drive more users and widen its network like never before


Facebook’s marketplace is kind of like Craigslist, for those who are pondering Craigslist is classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, items wanted, services, community, gigs, résumés, and discussion forums and the dealing works well some times and might be really worse. Facebook has come up with a smarter Craigslist which works with a two way rating system. Integration with messenger and on the go payment makes it brilliant. It has been rolled out in US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand on mobile and if it becomes popular it will be released worldwide. We will discuss more on this once it is rolled out in India.

Messenger Lite

An application similar to Facebook Lite has entered the playstore. It is a pretty straight forward application. It does not have the fancy chat heads. More importantly it is stand alone unlike the normal messenger. But why have more apps for the same purpose, Just one durable application would have been better but still to aide those low memory low RAM mobile devices Messenger Lite is here to the rescue. Try it out from play store.