Facebook Services? Yea it’s Hyperlocal Services

Facebook Services? Yea it’s Hyperlocal Services

Update: The service is no more provided by facebook.

Last week, Facebook announced it’s foray in to the hyperlocal services segment in India. It is expected to have a stiff competition from the existing players in the space like Quikr Services, UrbanClap and Housejoy.

What is hyperlocal?

Online news or content services pertaining to a town, village, single postcode or other small, geographically defined community – Wikipedia

It is simply the services that are provides in a particular region such as a town or a city. And by services, we mean the services such as ordering food from a nearby restaurant, finding painters in the locality, looking for hospitality, event planners etc.

Facebook Services

The company looks forward to take over the hyperlocal space in India with Facebook Services. It is still in beta but users can access it at www.facebook.com/services.

Facebook Services
The website has over 10 categories with a total 84 services spread over them.

The industry has over 530 local services companies and 132 home services companies that have cumulatively raised over $180 million in funding, according to data from start-up tracker Tracxn.

The website offers reviews and ratings of the services in addition to the details such as address, contact numbers, etc. The site is said to have been in the testing stage since November last year. Currently, the popular platforms that offer hyperlocal services across different segments are Quikr, UrbanClap, Roadrunnr, Opinio, Zopper and others.

Where does the data come from?

Facebook reported that there are two million small businesses in India actively using Facebook pages. Thus, it’s clear that company makes use of data from the business pages it hosts.

Currently Facebook Services website can only be used to browse and discover businesses and services in the area and does not provide booking or buying options. But the future is uncertain and we may expect them to launch such features also.