Facebook Comes Up With Express WiFi In India

Facebook Comes Up With Express WiFi In India

After the debates about Free Basics and net neutrality, Facebook is now preparing to roll out the Express WiFi project in India. The project aims to provide internet connectivity to the rural areas of the country. It is said to offer data packs and topups starting from Rs. 10.

The company is planning hard to capitalize on the population of India to increase it revenue.

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Facebook is now running tests in partnership with local internet service providers like BSNL and few others. Reports from BBC suggests that the project would be rolling out soon in the country.

Meanwhile Google is far ahead in competition, launching RailTel last year which provides wifi at select railway stations. It was a very wise decision because of the amount of people commuting using the railway network.

Express WiFi is said to offer services in 125 different areas, with might be expanded after rollout. Since the project uses the traditional cable network, it might be a cost-effective method of expansion in to the country.

Recently, Facebook’s Internet-beaming drone Aquila also completed test flights. The solar powered drone is developed with the aim to provide Internet connectivity to a larger part of the world.

In the fight between the silicon valley giants, let’s hope for the rise of a better connected world in the near future.