Email Productivity at it’s Best: Sortd for Gmail

Email Productivity at it’s Best: Sortd for Gmail
Our Mailboxes has over the time evolved and are constantly becoming smarter. Services like Gmail or Hotmail are competing to provide customers with better services for making their job easier. Hotmail takes care of spams beautifully that user doesn’t need to even review them. Gmail does ensure spam discovery but is not very aggressive as it has a huge database.

Sortd is a plugin-like for your Gmail mailbox that lets you categorize your mails into necessary ones or not. It makes a layer over your mail and understands it and then splits your mailbox into categories such as To Do, Follow Up and Deals.

It comprises of features such as prioritizing mails and drag & drop facilities with some super-neat UI. It also lets you edit the subject of your important emails so that it would be easy to dig it back in a later stage.

It is much more like a web application that is built over another(Gmail). The intuitive UI of the application lets you read and reply to mails easily. It’s still in Private beta but you can request for an invite code.
Get Sortd now and then set back and relax.