Earn some pocket money (for students)

Earn some pocket money (for students)
This is a year in which people cannot live without the Internet. It has become an essential part of our lives. With social media taking the front seat, the Internet population is fast growing.
But it also opens up doors to fill your pockets. You heard it right! There are a lot of possibilities in the Internet to earn money. Some of them include blogging, marketing etc. Today,  let us discuss some of the main topics in detail.

If you are a photophilic, earning money is never a problem. You can sell your photographs in sites such as iStockPhoto or ShutterStock which offer money for each download of your photo. People can buy and put your photos for their personal or professional use. This way, you can get a good amount of income.
Blogging and Vlogging
Blogging is one of the finest way to fill your pockets. You can choose a topic of your interest and write about it. These days teens mostly prefer to write on technologies and gadgets. You can use social media to promote your blog posts and bring in readers. Similarly, Vlogging which stands for video blogging is also on the front seat. There is an increasing trend towards people watching videos online. You could share information on a topic or could put in some how-to videos which would turn out to b useful for many. Vlogging on YouTube will need you to engage in a partnership program with them so as to display ads on your videos.

Both of ’em requires time and patience. It would take at least 3 months to get a small amount of good readers for your blog.

You would think, how this could earn you some money. Its be monetizing your blog with ad providers such as Google Adsense or with Affiliate links such as from Amazon. You could even sell your ad units in sidebar for a period of time with BuySellAds, after you get enough of traffic.

You can even do guest blogging which can increase your online reputation and followers. It also helps you promote your own blog or any content. It also helps you build good relationships which would last long.

Providing Answers
If you are really good at something, you can join sites that pay you for your answers. You can clear doubts of other people. It even improves your knowledge.
The answers can be on any topic of your interest.

Write Articles for Others – Freelancing
There are a few sites on the Internet that link a writer to the publisher. You just need to write posts and if someone likes your post preview, they could buy the same for a price. As a freelancer, you have no time limit to publish your work. Its awesome. you can work on your own. There are some sites which pay you for your articles.


Freelancer.com provides the best in class writing and also never runs out of projects.

Also check out ifreelance.com which would even get you jobs to program.

Writers could checkout Triond and iWriters which provide the best in class features.

Hubpages.com and Squidoo.com also increases your earnings as a blogger.


You can do the work which you are interested in such as creating videos or logos or even Internet marketing. Logo designing has become very easy with software and the can even result in Professional designs.
www.99designs.com is a logo buy and sell site where you can get a good earning for your work.

24X7 Work

Finally, Its all work in one kind or the other. Do anything with your interest to result in success. Have fun, Online!
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