Dot’s don’t matter

Dot’s don’t matter

Ever had any big email addresses with annoying dots which hindered you from sending a simple mail? Read Through!

Gmail doesn’t mind the dots in your mail id. For example if your email id is “[email protected]” and if a sender types “[email protected]” it absolutely makes no difference.Not surprisingly, Google takes User-friendly software to a whole new level. This was included by gmail to avoid bouncing of mails and sending unintended mails as a part of spam reduction.


The Google support forum clearly explains this by citing the following examples

You could even email [email protected], and your message would still make its way to the very same person.

Surprisingly, this is not a new feature and this has been hanging in there to get noticed from a long time ago and  I have always worried about whether the person got my e-mail id right because of the dots in between.Interestingly, Facebook does not mind those cheeky annoying dots too and apparently Twitter says “Say no to Dots”.

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