Disposable Emails to Protect Privacy

Disposable Emails to Protect Privacy
Since the time Spams came into existence, disposable emails began to emerge. These email addresses protect our privacy by providing you with a temporary address and storage space so that we don’t need to disclose our personal ones.


We found three of the best disposable email providers that are worth giving a try.



MailDrop is a beautifully crafted service agent that lets you receive Emails to a temporarily generated ID. The service is provided from California and believes in protecting privacy. It does not store any attachments that are received

The user cannot sent mails from the temporary ID that are provided as the service aims only to prevent spamming. Interesting part is that the project itself is open source.


The second entrant in our list id Temp Mail. It pretty clear from the name itself that the service provides you a temporary mailbox.


Once you visit the site, a random email address will be generated for you, with can be used for your in-time needs. The email assigned to you will be available as far as the page is open on your browser. Thus, it meets the need in situations of signup.


Last but not the least, this website provides the same user feature set as the Temp Mail. But the service is least resource intensive. And so people with limited bandwidth can make use of it.
It checks for arriving emails every second and reports back if any are received.

Thus, the disposable emails can save your mailbox from a lot of spams and also saves time as there is no need to delete them. But if you are not satisfied about the services listed above, you can take a look at the complete list provided by DMOZ, containing all such services.