Confused In Choosing Products Or The Right Website To Buy Them?

Confused In Choosing Products Or The Right Website To Buy Them?

Products may be of your choice but there is always a suggestion for the right website for your next purchase. Providing comparatively less offers and $10.99 to access its prime feature. Sounds too much? Still why should it be Amazon while choosing products?

Here are the five solid reasons to prefer Amazon for grabbing your favorites:


The root which keeps Amazon to be a fruitful one is its customer service. complaints posted on its site are quickly given a solution while other e-commerce jargon think about solving it or not. interesting fact is that you can file your complaint directly to its founder. yes, you can send it to Jeff Bezos via [email protected] and it is sent by him to his workmen with a question mark. Obviously they need to be answered immediately. This makes me to choose the a to z(Amazon Logo).


Pick apple from an apple tree, fish from a fresh water, book from Botham. How about picking them under a single spot? That’s pretty cool right? Yes, you can find a wide range of products right from tooth-brush to begin your day and a pillow to the end of your day. You might have peculiar choices, but Amazon gives you options for your peculiar picks.


Most of the e-commerce sites doesn’t provide delivery to the countries in which they don’t have their branches. But this one is an exception as it delivers its products to almost all countries irrespective of their branches at relatively cheap cost. Above all Amazon doesn’t deliver its product on time but instead they deliver it before the delivery time. It was personally experienced by me.


  • Amazon prime is a real boon for economically beneficial purchases
  • One can have 30 days free access to Amazon prime at the beginning. It costs 10.99 $ but when used in an efficient way it can be definitely profitable to customers.
  • With that membership one can have free delivery on certain products. Additionally it has ultra quick delivery to certain areas where they receive their products within an hour. That sounds as if “Barry Allen is delivering your product”.
  • For this ultra quick delivery there are no extra charges.
  • With the prime household feature you can share the membership with others in your family, that is you can have one membership for your whole family.
  • For book readers, there is a huge surprise waiting next to your kindle. You can have access to the books that hits the market before a month. And there is no extra pay for delay in returning it.
  • You can cancel the membership at any time. If products are not delivered on time, then you can have free access to prime feature for 30 days.
  • Most of the sites provide free delivery for purchases that are above 35$, but with prime you have free delivery to almost all products.


Amazon gives its priority not only to customers but also to its sellers. Even eBay at some times failed to pay for its sellers as they provide more attention to customers. But Amazon provides equity to both sellers and buyers with less additional charges for sellers.

After knowing all its advantages, then why shouldn’t your next purchase be with Amazon? Comment below if you have any reasons to.

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