Compelling reasons to become a JavaScript Developer

Compelling reasons to become a JavaScript Developer
As it comes to programming languages, it’s a rarity to find evolving languages than just the addition of features. JavaScript is one such language which was initially a web language used specifically for rendering the content beautifully.

Now, at 20, JavaScript has evolved from a new born in 1995 to something that understands the working of the entire internet. It it now a main stream programming language than just a scripting one.
The evolution has also bought about changes in the software industry and so in the career of a JavaScript developer. Today, We will take a look at few of the reasons that make JS a must-go language for every developer.

A Wide Variety of Support

JavaScript is language that is supported by missions of computing devices around the world. All the major browsers have separate rendering engines and tools for JS. Although JavaScript was built mainly for web, it has now evolved so much that we use it in desktop and mobile apps, databases, servers and even in physical hardware.
The language can be now used both in client-side and server-side applications, which makes it even more compatible. This leads to serious change in the way start-ups work. They can use a single language to develop their technology stack.


The language inherits most of the features that are found in most of the common programming languages such as C++ and Java. Thus, every programmer will have a pleasant experience learning it. 
Moreover, it works very well along with its siblings for the web i.e., HTML and CSS. It provides some beautiful controls that enable the user/developer. 


coffee script
Some small add-ons that are added to the language itself can bring in a lot of changes such as CoffeeScript, which makes the code look similar to Python or Ruby where in you can free yourself from curly braces and semicolons.
Bigger stuff such as MongoDb allows JavaScript programmers to implement No SQL databases anywhere. Also, there is huge increase in the development of API’s for various commercial and personal purposes which in turn exaggerates the usage of JavaScript.

Fast and MultiCore

Companies such as Google also had helped in the growth of JavaScript with their V8 engine that renders the content much faster than the usual one. Mobile implementations of JavaScript paved way for the need to it to support less-powerful devices.
But with the advent of multi-core CPU’s and GPU’s, huge improvements came in and so the rendering engine was optimized to work in multiple threads and also on different cores of processing unit.
So, where can you learn JavaScript Now?
Here are the list of few of the best of resources that are available at your door step for beginners. They offer courses with detailed descriptions for each of the topics and even separate ones for beginners.


General Assembly


With all the research and updates that are going based on the language, we can always expect more fun stuff to emerge.